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Printing Options

Customising the product with your logo makes it exclusive and recognisable. There are many types of customisation options for each model. In fact, each material is enhanced by some special types of customisation, which gives you perfect results in terms of performance and duration.

Our catalogue has detailed information regarding the description and applicable printing technique best suited to your selections. We are always at your disposal to assist you in selecting the most suitable solution so do not hesitate to contact us if your need help.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk-screen printing is an elementary printing technique, which is based on the principle of letting the liquid colour filter in a controlled way through a very fine-textured frame to the surface of the underlying product. It can be used on perfectly flat or spherical surfaces. The effect is clear, sharp and faithfully reproduces your logo.

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With laser engraving, your logo is engraved by means of laser rays directly onto the structure of the product to customise. This will result in a grey-coloured design, which is very accurate, precise, and indelible. Your customised solution will always be well visible, despite it being very elegant and discrete, and it never fades away even after a long time. Metal surfaces are perfectly suited to this type of customisable option.

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With this type of technique, the logo is imprinted  with a hot die on the surface of the product to customise. This embosses the surface slightly where the logo is marked. The customised result is discrete and precise, and in the same hue of the basic material, which will last over time without fading. Leather or wooden surfaces are perfectly suited to this type of customisable option.

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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a special substance that is laid over the printed logo on an adhesive label, which can also be customised in CMYK. This special treatment gives a soft, rubbery effect to the surface, which becomes smooth and pleasant to touch, and makes the colours more vibrant. It is impossible to erase and scratch, and is perfect to give prominence and visibility to the logo.

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CMYK - Full Color

Any logo or image can be printed with CMYK, which results in a clear, sharp printout that has access to an almost infinite range of colours and shades. This technique enables us to print your logo as well as a drawing, photo, or anything else that requires many colours and shades for a perfect and lasting effect, also covering the surface of the object by 360°.

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Digital Priinting

Digital printing is an innovative technique that enables you to print any logo or image with a clear, sharp end result, even with CMYK. This type of printing has a slightly higher unit cost since it is carried out in Italy with highest quality machinery. Ideal for prompt delivery of products, it enables printing up to the edge of the product.

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LED Logo

This technique makes it possible to emphasise your logo thanks to LED back-lighting to create the appearance of a luminous sign. The light comes on as soon as the device is introduced into the computer, creating a pleasant and original lighting effect.

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Adhesive Label

This service is suitable for flat surfaces and it entails the production of a sticker label the same size as the customisable area, onto which your logo or desired graphics are printed. This means any surface whatsoever can be customised in CMYK printing.

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