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About Us

The Brand

We are Brand On Flash Limited. We manufacture USB Flash Drives for the promotional and retail sectors in Nigeria. Our USB Flash Drives are unique in style, customised with the best printing options, and bundled with loads of Services, Accessories, & Packaging.

Our products can be used as gifts and souvenirs for both personal and business purposes. Whatever the application, we have a flash drive for every purpose and event. Our Moulded USB Flash Drives department caters for USB Flash Drives of any shape and size. We can transform your idea to the best personalised USB drive.

We can also pre-load company profile, media, or any digital data onto the drive of choice. If you want, we can send you a no-obligation quote, or you can order FREE samples.

Our company structure guarantees widespread distribution; offering limitless customisable solutions that meet high-quality technological standards.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0818-917-5211

NAIC House, Central Business District, Airport Road, Abuja.
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

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